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30 July 2014


For this first episode, which is a lead-in into actual game play, listen in on our mishmash discussion on character development and history, game mechanics, campaign setting, collaborative world building, interspersed with RPG talk. Audio quality to improve in future episodes.

RPG / RULESET: Atlantis: The Second Age 1e / Omni System

SUPPLEMENTS: Atlantis: The Second Age / The Omni System (Morrigan Press, 2005), Atlantis: The Second Age (Khepera Publishing, 2014), GURPS Atlantis (Steve Jackson Games, 2001), Twilight of Atlantis (Avalanche Press, 2001), Parsantium: City at the Crossroads (Ondine Publishing, 2014), The Paladium RPG - Book II: Old Ones (Palladium Books Incorporated, 1993).

MUSIC: INTRO Snake Shake / OUTRO Romero and the President (Escape from New York soundtrack, John Carpenter).


A massive shipment of Orichalcum has been heisted from the mines in the Atlas Mountains, located to the north in the Kingdom of Gaderia. The destination of this precious metal has been traced to the City of Atlantis itself, although its exact location is unknown. Of the prominent rumours floating about, the stolen Orichalcum might be located in the so-called Hidden Quarter, proximate to the canals at the Garden District of the city. "Tunnels", "caverns", "chambers", "sewers", "catacombs", "ruins", "Mestea" - these are words frequently spoken when these rumours are spoken amongst city inhabitants.

Disturbingly, one name that keeps popping up is Dorian Thermarkson, the notorious slave trader, along with his gang of Nethermen assassins. If he is responsible for the Orichalcum heist, it could be that he has regressed even more from slave trading, to robbery and, perhaps, lotus dealing, given the connection between the drug trade and the precious metal.

What can be confirmed is the statement made by a diplomat in his speech to the Royal Council. That is, the final destination of the stolen Orichalcum is very likely to be the seaport at Cyrago, on the Saharan Sea, on the continent of Gondwana. This seaport was constructed to serve as a stopover for both commercial and military vessels, and as a stockpile for remnant vril weapons. Recently, however, enemies of Atlantis have overtaken the port - an assault that occurred about 17 days ago, around the time of the Orichalcum heist.

So the big unknown is who stole the Orichalcum, and for what purpose? Perhaps a cell of Gondwanian revolutionaries are planning to overthrow the Atlantean garrison now stationed on the outskirts of Cyrago? Do they want to wield the resonant qualities of this mysterious metal to enhance their elemental magic so as to drive out the Atlanteans? Maybe the Atheneans have unlocked the secret of creating their own special powers, and need the Orichcalcum to complete the process? Or is some madman is planning to hand it over to metalurgical masters as part of a larger scheme? For trans-dimensional travel? To incite a global cataclysm and end the Second Age?

Geography of the Atlantis continent and surrounding region during the Second Age.


  1. Characters sound interesting so far and I personally have never played in this setting so I am excited to see where this will go in the upcoming episodes.

    1. The next episode, to be uploaded soon, will include some city encounters and information gathering by the PCs.

      Thanks for taking the time to listen.