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06 August 2014


The two PCs, Sabus (Druas Marine) and Tarkus Zull (Atlantean Alchemist), meet up. Sabus responds to an advert by Tarkus' Alchemy Emporium, and both learn about a heist of the precious metal Orichcalcum, rumored to be orchestrated by the notorious slaver Dorian Thermarkson. The dynamic duo head out to do some information gathering, leading them to Atlantis' main seaport. This session includes city encounters. The dialogue is quick and steady, so be forewarned. Audio quality to improve by Episode 5.

RPG / RULESET: Atlantis: The Second Age 1e / Omni System

SUPPLEMENTS: Atlantis: The Second Age / The Omni System (Morrigan Press, 2005), Atlantis: The Second Age (Khepera Publishing, 2014), GURPS Atlantis (Steve Jackson Games, 2001), Twilight of Atlantis (Avalanche Press, 2001), Parsantium: City at the Crossroads (Ondine Publishing, 2014), The Paladium RPG - Book II: Old Ones (Palladium Books Incorporated, 1993).

MUSIC: INTRO Snake Shake (Escape from New York soundtrack) / OUTRO Time (Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon).
Main seaport facility at Atlantis inartistically rendered by the GM.

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