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27 July 2014


CRISIS ATLANTIS (RPG: Atlantis - The Second Age 1e / Morrigan Press)
Session 0
Session 1: Orichalcum Heist
Session 2: Through the Sewer Grate
Session 3: Fun with a Vril Canon
Session 4: Hole in the Sky
Session 5: Sea Voyage to Mestea
Session 6: Battle at Klymeus Harbour
Session 7: Have Ostrich, Will Travel
Session 8: Beneath the Ruined City of Minoeus
Session 9: To End All Things [Campaign Conclusion]

HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (RPG: Dungeons & Dragons 5e / WotC)
Session 0
Session 1: Mayhem and Madness at Greenest
Session 2: Tracking Down the Raiders
Session 3: Big Money and a Monk at the Raiders Camp
Session 4: Exploration and Annihilation at the Subterranean Mushroom Palace 
Session 5: Return the Muffin, then Northwards we Proceed!
Session 6: Bodacious Blonde-Haired Elf Bimbos at Baldur's Gate... and Beyond
Session 7: Doppelgangers, Daggerford and a Death
Session 8: Take the High Road
Session 9: Rollicking Ruckus at the Roadhouse
Session 10: What's Going On?
Session 11: Mere Mere on the Wall, Who's the Froggiest of Them All?
Session 12: That Which Dwells Below the Castle
Session 13: Helmed Horrors and Musical Doors
Session 14: Coming soon
Session 15: To be edited/uploaded
Session 16: To be edited/uploaded [Campaign Conclusion]

RED MENACE ON BLOOD RED MARS (RPG: Rocket Age / Cubicle 7)
Session 0  To be edited/uploaded
Session 1: To be edited/uploaded
Session 2: To be edited/uploaded
Session 3: To be edited/uploaded [Adventure Conclusion]

One-Shot 1:  Map of the Lost Patrol (RPG: Dungeon World / RNDM Games) -To be edited/uploaded

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